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We use Oritee tea tree wax which is a high quality creme wax, this wax produces longer lasting results and is less painful than conventional wax. 

Full leg, bikini wax and underarm-£48

Full leg and bikini wax-£46

Full leg wax-£40

Top leg and bikini-£36

Lower leg, bikini and underarm-£37

Top leg-£24

Lower Leg-£22

Back of top leg-£7

Chest or back-£27  


Hollywood Bikini-£30

Brazilian bikini-£27

Mini brazilian-£20

Standard bikini-£18

Full arm-£25


Lip and chin-£13

Lip or chin- £8

Eyebrow re-shape-£16.50

Eyebrow tidy-£15  

Note- All waxing packages offer a standard bikini wax. Add an extra £7 for a mini brazilian, £10 for a brazilian and £13 for a Hollywood. 

EPIL CONFORT (can be added to any waxing treatment) £6 

Epil Confort with Bulbaine is a line of after-waxing skincare that lightens and softens hair while slowing down its regrowth. Skin stays softer and smoother for longer. Hair removal is easier, more comfortable and less frequently required. Epil Confort treatments are enriched with a selection of active ingredients that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and make you feel that you always look your best.



The greatest break through in hair removal in the last 50 years. SMARTEPIL utilises the latest laser technology and in-built air cooling to comfortably remove unwanted hair quickly, gently and effectively, without the use of needles. The laser beam delivers energy, which is transformed into heat without harming the surrounding area. The heat destroys the hair folicle within a fraction of a second and is effective on both male and female facial and body hair. Depending on the area and hair type 3 to 9 sessions may be required.

Consultation- 30 mins £20.00 Full explanation of treatment and hair analysis. Prices are discussed on consultation depending on area and size.

LIP OR CHIN-£40     BIKINI AND UNDERARM-£70-£90     LOWER LEG- £150-£200

FULL LEG- £300-£350 HALF ARM-£90-£100


Our electrologist has 25 years of experience. This permanent removal of unwanted hair includes a disposable STEREX needle for every client. 


20 mins-£28

10 mins-£24

Skin tag removal-£24

15 mins-£26

Red Vein removal-£40

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